The industry of cbd is booming day by day and there are a number of things requiring care. Some companies have a pattern they follow while others just copy them off. It needs to be taken into consideration that the competition in this industry is fierce and very specific instructions need to be followed. We’ll go through these points one by one;

  • Minimal Assembly;

Minimal assembly required by the packaging means easy stocking and easy transit options. It also means that you get to save up on time and be more productive. However, there is still the concern of box style or type. Depending on the product, usually tuck end boxes are preferred due to their compatibility and cost effectiveness. They are also easy to assemble as they are pre-glued and ready to receive the product. 

  • Latest Print Technology;

We have come a long way from black inks and nowadays it is all about a standing out design. Some notable companies have out done themselves by inventing genius designs. The option to print in CMYK is a huge plus point because it leaves nothing impossible. Throw in a simple add-on like foiling and you are out of trouble.

  • Modern Design;

If you take a closer look at any products that include cbd in anyway, you’ll notice a couple of things - First and foremost, there is almost always an add-on like UV or Foiling. There are also some very specific signs and warnings that you need to include as well.

  • Materials;

Depending on the weight of your product container the weight of the box material is determined. This is a measuring point of thickness of the box and is measured in Pt or GSM in general. They range from 300gsm - 600 gsm in the cardboard category.

  • Add-ons;

There are a number of add-ons that can be considered when choosing for cbd packaging. There is foiling which gives off a metallic finish and embossing which gives an alleviated or raised surface. Last but not least is one of the most commonly used and is called spot UV. This gives off a shiny area on an otherwise dull or smooth finish.

There are warnings, a number of them, and they are absolutely important to include. First there is the underage warning. This signifies that underage consumption is prohibited. Next is the driving and heavy machinery operation prohibition warning. 

There are different products in this category and some of them are listed below;

  • Flower

    Usually comes in a cube type tuck box which is very cost effective.
  • Edibles

Are included in a sleeve box or a tuck type box.

  • Medicinal

Medicinal packaging is different and has child safety protection embedded in it. This helps keep the medicine safe from children. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering

One of the many things needed to keep in mind is ordering in bulk. The way packaging works is the more boxes you order the better price per unit you get. This helps keep the costs affordable for the client while saving you a TON. If you keep ordering smaller batches it will eventually start hurting your business model. Another thing that is very important to consider is where the boxes are produced. If the boxes are produced in a third world country there are chances of ruined packaging or even scams. It is noted that this particular industry has numerous options to go and some of them are very costly. Some companies can afford extensive marketing but not all of them can and that is where packaging comes into play. Smart options can be created using minimal design and easy to use packaging like the tuck box.