Custom made packaging boxes are being used in almost all retail industries that we know of. From soap packaging to cosmetic boxes, everything is made to order and it looks superb. We understand that the process can be somewhat overwhelming and that is why we try to provide information required to pull it off.

The word custom is commonly misunderstood as printing whatever you need however it stands to represent much more. What it truly represents is that the boxes can be made into any shape, size or design that you require. You have multiple options in choosing material and making the packaging as relatable to your product as possible. 

How To Make Your Cardboard Retail Packaging Boxes Stand Out?

Cardboard boxes are one of the most customizable options available out there. One of the many reasons brands and companies lean towards choosing cardboard packaging is their cost effectiveness. Since these boxes can be shipped flat and occupy very minimal space, they are ideal for retail products requiring packaging. Starting off from the very basics, we have the size of the box and that can be measured by you with ease. 

Providing the size of the box should not really be your obligation because it may lead to error. The best way to go around this process would be measuring the actual product in the format length x width x depth. If the product is circular or the container is circular, the formula can be altered to diameter x height. The measurements can read anywhere from 13mm to 500mm in either direction.

Choosing the right style is very important and must not be taken lightly. Since your packaging is in a way your first impression on your potential buyer, you need it to be strong. Go ahead, ask “how do I choose the best style” and see what you find. There are tons and tons of box styles available but we will look at some of the most commonly used. 

Tuck End Boxes

Tuck end boxes are most commonly used in the cosmetic industry due to the product size.Custom Printed Packaging Boxes Since cosmetics are mostly using trendy product packaging designs, they often opt for tuck end style. Since cosmetics are usually stored within sleek containers, the packaging often looks sleek and stylish as well. For a reference, we can talk about mascara packaging boxes and how they appear tall and slim. You instantly get attracted to it and end up picking up the package to notice what it contains making the brand successful in creating an impression. 

Tuck boxes have a very simple construction mechanism which consists of three flaps on either side of their closure ends. The two ear-like flaps on the sides are called dust flaps and they prevent the product from falling through if the box is opened.

Tuck Auto Lock

Tuck auto-lock (also called auto-bottom) boxes are one of the few box styles that require minimal assembly. They follow a similar construction to the tuck family however the bottom closure is a little different. To understand better, you can refer to a lot of candle packaging around that has an automatic bottom closure that collapses when pressed sideways.  

As far as printing goes, if you have an artwork that needs to be printed on the boxes then you are in luck. Most packaging vendors provide in-house printing and if they offer printing, they most probably can provide design services. If you have a design, make sure you provide that in an editable file format so that there is no hassle when printing the design out. It must have a resolution higher than 300dpi (i.e dots per inches) to come out looking fine.