Today, almost 1000 tonnes of waste is collected in different forms throughout the year all over the world. A huge percentage of this comes from one-time use product packaging. Kraft packaging boxes can make a huge impact on this percentage if taken into serious consideration.

There is a reason that kraft material is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. The reason being is kraft having the properties of being made from recycled material. Since they can also not be laminated, use of plastic in any way is eliminated making them recyclable. 

Collapsible Environmentally Safe Box Styles

There are a number of box styles in existence when taking base material as kraft. We can take a few things into consideration to help understand the mechanisms better. Since we are going to look at some box styles, we need to know the specifications of the material first.

Kraft material is created by recycling used paper based materials and it is not processed with industrial grade chemicals. Due to it being washed over and over with water and some naturally existing compounds, the kraft material appears to be rugged in its final form. It feels like a natural surface and cannot be printed on very well. The instructions to print on kraft material are different as compared to SBS white cardboard. 

It is not recommended to print more than three solid colours on kraft material. Furthermore, kraft material cannot sustain gradient print types because it tends to absorb colours in that technique. 

Since we are talking about collapsible boxes, first on the list is the most commonly used box style in the cosmetic industry. Let's give a warm welcome to the tuck end family. Since kraft material is very high in demand, it might seem like comparatively expensive to other materials. It should be kept in mind that kraft packaging boxes can be the very step we need to help save earth. With the rate of temperature rising exponentially, we need to figure something out and we need to do it fast. 

Reverse Tuck End Box

A reverse tuck end box has two closure flaps, one one top and one at the bottom. There are two dust flaps on each side to help the product stay inside when the flap is opened from below. To provide measurements, we use the formula that goes length x width x height. Being one the most cost effective options, these boxes are mostly preferred by a number of industries like the cosmetic industry.

Straight Tuck End Box

Straight tuck boxes are also made using the same concept in mind. The only slight difference in the making is the closure flap location. In the straight tuck tuck box, the closure flap and the opening flap follow the same opening direction. In comparison the reverse tuck has each flap on the opposite side of the other closure flap. 

Different Thickness Options To Choose From

Kraft based eco-friendly material is available in two different material thicknesses by default. These two can be named as 300 gsm and 350 gsm which are similar to a small and large cereal box thickness respectively. Kraft material, due to its rugged surface appearance and feel can also be found under textured material. Default colour of kraft is either brown or at rare sites, black. 

As far as non-recommended box styles are concerned; any styles that may require the use of peel off adhesive tapes are not recommended. To clarify, this recommendation only applies to kraft packaging boxes. As always, it is recommended by almost any and all packaging suppliers that you may come across to order in bulk. This is recommended mostly to help keep the price per unit in control.