The earth is dying and all of us have a part to play in it. That does not mean that we should continue heading in the same direction. We can start to remedy that and finally make a difference by switching to Kraft Packaging. Most brands are now switching to create a difference in the world while using this as a publicity stunt. Even if branding through eco-friendly material yields a small percentage of sales, it is worth it,

Benefits of Using Environment Friendly Packaging;

Talking about benefits can take a long time and a lot of space. We’ll try to keep it precise and as relevant as it can be.

  • First and foremost, there is protecting the earth from harmful chemicals and waste products. Just the laminations on these boxes can create tons of plastic residue which takes years to decompose if ever. 
  • They can be recycled after their purpose is achieved without any special treatment. 
  • Made from recycled material, they have some limitations but they still get the job done.
  • Printing can be done on them all the same if followed instructions of printing only solid colors.
  • Since there is no lamination on these boxes, they are all decomposable in nature. 
  • There are no style limitations on them though - Strong adhesives are used to keep them in shape.
  • They have a textured feel to them which feels natural and exotic. Providing all the more reasons to choose them.

Printing Options For Sustainable Packaging;

Even though it is not recommended to print CMYK when creating printed kraft packaging boxes, it is possible to print.Using a scheme of solid colors, the required design can be achieved. With the right combination of design and color schemes, fine printing can be achieved. Although, given the rugged surface, it is recommended to stick to a maximum of 3 solid colors. More colors can be used as long as they are solid colors like red, green or blue.

Managing & Branding Using Eco-Packaging;

Once kraft packaging boxes are found, the next step is to make sure an elegant design goes on top. You can always have a designer create something for you but be sure to mention the material you’re printing on. This plays a very important role in the method used to print as there are multiple and all have different benefits. 

Available Thicknesses and Styles;

Kraft material is sourced from recycled paper and is only cleaned using environment friendly materials. The costs to create these are slightly different when compared to white cardboard but it is definitely worth it. The available thicknesses are almost similar to what can be used for white cardboard. Most of the time, the default color of the kraft material is brown but it can be light or sometimes dark. There are practically no limitations or differences in the box styles that can be made, 

The styles that can be made using normal cardboard can also be made with kraft material. Packaging like tuck and pillow boxes can be made using any of the two available materials with ease.

Making a Difference With Packaging;

Today, everything, each step we take impacts our tomorrow and in the same way, packaging is relevant too. Everyday, millions of products are bought around the globe and millions are thrown out. If not the products, at least the packaging is. A product requires packaging too and cannot be sold without it so a middle ground was needed. This is where kraft packaging boxes come in and reduce the burden on earth. The time to switch to eco-friendly packaging options is now because we are standing on the verge of change. This generation may have the capability to help prevent any further damage to our already depleting environment.